Toyota RAV4

55+ Must-Have Best Toyota RAV4 Mods & Accessories

If you’re looking to upgrade your Toyota RAV4, there are plenty of modifications available to improve both its functionality and appearance. From practical interior tweaks to sturdy exterior changes, these upgrades can make your RAV4 more personalized and enjoyable to drive.

Based on personal experience and tips from other RAV4 owners, this article highlights the best modifications and aftermarket accessories. These recommendations aim to help you make smart choices for your RAV4 upgrades, ensuring each change enhances your driving experience.

Make it More Secure

1. Tailored Interior Storage Liners

Toyota RAV4 Interior Storage Liners

Custom-fit interior storage liners perfectly match the storage spaces and cupholders in the RAV4. They prevent messes that are tricky to clean and add a splash of color to your interior.

2. Tailored Car Seat Covers

Tailored seat covers can significantly enhance the appearance and comfort of your RAV4’s interior, especially for fabric seats. Leather seat covers, in particular, bring a touch of luxury and comfort.

3. Rear Cargo Protector

For those without a factory-installed rear cargo liner, aftermarket options are available. These liners offer excellent protection against spills and messes in the cargo area.

4. Canine Seat Protector

Canine Seat Protector in Toyota RAV4

Keeping car seats clean can be challenging for pet owners. Dog seat protectors help prevent scratches and damage, ensuring the interior remains in good condition.

5. Custom-Made Floor Mats

Custom-made floor mats safeguard the RAV4’s flooring from spills, dirt, and other debris. They are easy to install and clean, making maintenance simple.

6. Roll-Up Rear Cargo Cover

A retractable rear cargo cover is an excellent solution for RAV4 owners without one. This cover keeps items in the back hidden and protected from prying eyes.

7. Tailored Windshield Sun Shade

Car Front Windshield Sunshade Protector for Toyota RAV4

For owners in sunny climates, sunshades are essential. Many universal options can be ill-fitting, but a custom-fit sun shade specifically for the RAV4 ensures complete coverage and effective heat reduction.

8. Leather Gear Shift Cover

A leather shift knob cover not only enhances the interior look but also protects the shift knob from wear and tear.

9. Center Console Armrest Protector

The center console armrest can become dirty and worn over time. An armrest cover maintains its original quality, guarding against daily wear.

10. Screen Protector for Multimedia Display

Screen Protector for Multimedia Display in Toyota RAV4

Much like a phone screen protector, a multimedia screen protector shields the display from scratches and permanent damage. This addition helps preserve the screen’s clarity and functionality.

Make it Better For Off-Road & Travel

1. Retractable Rooftop Awning

Retractable Rooftop Awning for Toyota RAV4

Adding a retractable awning to the roof is an excellent upgrade for camping and travel. Unlike canopies, which can be cumbersome to set up alone, this awning attaches permanently to the roof and can be deployed in under 30 seconds, providing instant shade.

2. Self-Pressurized Water Tank

For those who often camp off-the-grid, a self-pressurized water tank is invaluable. With a capacity of 3.8 gallons, this tank doesn’t require electricity and offers 15 minutes of water flow through its 8-foot hose, making it easier to enjoy running water in remote locations.

3. Trunk Tent Attachment

Transforming the RAV4 into a more versatile camping vehicle can be achieved with a trunk tent attachment. This tent fully integrates with the open trunk, extending the living space to include both the tent and the vehicle’s interior, perfect for a cozy camping setup.

4. Splash Guards

Toyota RAV4 Splash Guards

Installing mud flaps protects the vehicle’s paint from debris kicked up by the tires. These guards prevent mud, dirt, and gravel from causing chips and potential rust, maintaining the vehicle’s appearance and integrity while adding a subtle off-road aesthetic.

5. Class 2 Trailer Hitch

A Class 2 trailer hitch enhances the utility of the RAV4. While its towing capacity may not be the highest, it can handle light trailers, bikes, motorcycles, dirt bikes, or small boats, making it more versatile for various outdoor activities.

6. Rain Guards

Window visors are a practical modification that allows windows to stay slightly open even when it rains, keeping the car interior dry and reducing wind noise. This adjustment enhances comfort during long drives in variable weather conditions.

7. Privacy Drapes

Privacy Drapes for Toyota RAV4

Privacy curtains are essential for those who travel or camp in their RAV4. They provide peace of mind and security by preventing outsiders from seeing inside the vehicle. Easy to install and remove, these curtains ensure a restful sleep without interruptions.

8. All-Terrain Falken Wildpeak Tires

Upgrading to Falken Wildpeak tires offers significant improvements for those who frequently encounter wet, snowy, or muddy conditions. These tires provide better traction and have a more aggressive tread pattern, similar fuel efficiency, and minimal extra road noise compared to stock tires. They also give the vehicle a sportier appearance.

9. Suspension Lift Kit

A lift kit increases ground clearance, giving the vehicle more space between the surface and the frame. This is particularly useful for off-roading, allowing the RAV4 to handle rough terrains more effectively.

10. LED Lightbar Attachment

LED Lightbar Attachment for Toyota RAV4

A lightbar mount enhances nighttime visibility by providing extensive illumination through bright LED bulbs. This helps in navigating dark trails and improves safety. Additionally, the lightbar adds a distinct rugged look to the RAV4. Rally Innovations offers a highly recommended lightbar, known for its superior quality and functionality.

11. Sleeping Setup

For comfortable rest during travel and camping, an air mattress like the HEYTRIP model is highly recommended. Designed to fit SUVs, it features two separate air chambers with individual inflation settings, allowing for customizable firmness and ensuring a good night’s sleep on the go.

These upgrades transform the RAV4 into a more versatile and capable vehicle, making it suitable for a wide range of activities from daily commuting to adventurous off-roading and extended travel.

Technology Advancement

1. Enhanced Dash Speaker Setup

Many owners of the RAV4 are dissatisfied with the factory-installed speakers. Upgrading the dashboard and door speakers can significantly enhance sound quality, especially if the vehicle doesn’t come with the JBL audio package. This upgrade is straightforward and provides excellent value for those who appreciate high-fidelity sound.

2. Wireless Android Auto Adapter Device

For RAV4 models from 2022 and earlier, wireless Android Auto is not included. Fortunately, drivers can resolve this shortcoming by acquiring a wireless Android Auto adapter, simplifying the connection process and enhancing convenience.

3. Cordless Apple CarPlay Adapter

A common gripe among RAV4 users is the need to connect their phones with a cable to use Apple CarPlay. The solution lies in a wireless CarPlay adapter, freeing drivers from the hassle of dealing with cables whenever they wish to access music or navigation features.

4. Solar-Powered Wireless Backup Camera

Solar-Powered Wireless Backup Camera for Toyota RAV4

Vehicles lacking a backup camera can benefit significantly from this accessory, enhancing both safety and peace of mind. The primary challenge with aftermarket backup cameras is installation; however, a solar-powered, wireless model from Auto Vox alleviates this issue. This camera is easy to install—simply attach it to the license plate and plug it in.

5. Aftermarket Remote Start Kit

Adding a remote start system is a high-value upgrade for RAV4 models that lack this feature. It is essential to choose a reliable model with excellent customer reviews. The Compustar remote start bundle is notable for its outstanding performance and user satisfaction, making it a top recommendation for this vehicle.

6. Cordless Phone Charging Pad

Managing phone chargers can be cumbersome, especially while driving. A wireless phone charger is an ideal solution, eliminating the need for cables and simplifying the process of keeping your phone charged on the go.

7. Dashboard Video Recorder

Toyota RAV4 Dashboard Video Recorder

A dash camera is invaluable for any driver, providing footage of other vehicles to protect against false insurance claims and theft. The VIOFO dash camera is particularly recommended for its GPS tracking, superior night vision, and wide-angle lens, among other useful features. It may also lead to reduced car insurance premiums.

8. Comma Openpilot for Self-Driving

For those who appreciate advanced automotive technology, Comma’s Openpilot is a significant upgrade. This autonomous driving system enhances the RAV4’s adaptive cruise control features, allowing the vehicle to accelerate, brake, and steer automatically without human intervention.

9. OBD-II Diagnostic Tool

Whether or not you prefer to do your own vehicle maintenance, having an OBD-II scanner is highly beneficial for diagnosing Check Engine Lights. The Bluetooth version from Blue Driver is especially useful as it saves reports on the phone, offers diagnostic tips, and suggests common fixes, thus saving time and effort. Alternatively, a plug-and-play version is also practical, providing essential diagnostics easily.

Enhance Lights

1. Upgraded Interior Lights

Toyota RAV4 Upgraded Interior Lights

Transforming the interior illumination with an LED kit replaces the dim, yellow halogen bulbs with bright LED lights. This not only enhances the cabin’s aesthetics but also improves visibility inside the vehicle. The installation of these LED bulbs is straightforward, making it an easy and affordable upgrade for the RAV4.

2. Enhanced Trunk Lighting

The factory lighting in the RAV4’s trunk is often insufficient. Installing bright LED lights on the hatch can significantly enhance visibility in the cargo area at night. These lights automatically illuminate the entire trunk space, making it easier to locate items in the dark.

3. Stylish Fog Accent Lights

Fog accent lights offer a unique and stylish touch to the RAV4’s front end. These lights function as both daytime running lights and turn signals, adding a distinctive look that stands out on the road.

4. LED Auxiliary Off-Road Lights

Toyota RAV4 LED Auxiliary Off-Road Lights

For those who frequently drive on trails or in remote areas, adding LED auxiliary off-road lights can greatly improve nighttime visibility. These lights can help in spotting hazards on the trail and increase overall safety.

5. Brighter Yellow Fog Lights

Replacing the factory fog lights with yellow LED fog lights can enhance visibility in foggy or low-visibility conditions. These aftermarket lights are designed to cut through fog more effectively than standard white lights.

6. Amber Grille Lights

Amber LED lights installed in the RAV4’s grille, often referred to as “raptor” lights, not only improve the vehicle’s appearance but also enhance its visibility to other drivers. These lights are easy to install and have become a popular modification for many RAV4 owners.

7. Improved Side Mirror Turn Signals

Toyota RAV4's Side Mirror Turn Signals

Upgrading to LED side mirror sequential turn signals can increase the visibility of the RAV4’s turn signals. This simple modification improves both the safety and aesthetic appeal of the vehicle.

8. LED Daytime Running Lights

Installing LED sequential daytime running lights in the grille can add a sleek and sophisticated look to the RAV4. These lights provide improved daytime visibility while also offering a stylish upgrade.

9. Backlit Power Window Switches

Factory-installed power window switches in the RAV4 often lack backlighting, making them difficult to use in the dark. Upgrading to LED backlit switches can solve this issue, ensuring the buttons are easily visible at all times.

10. Powerful LED Lightbar

LED Lightbar on Toyota RAV4

For those who travel frequently in dark, remote areas, adding an LED lightbar to the RAV4 can provide substantial additional lighting. This lightbar is ideal for off-road or secluded driving conditions, though it should not be used on busy roads due to its brightness.

Make it Prettier

1. Window Tinting

Window tinting offers a range of benefits for your Toyota RAV4. It helps block UV rays, protects the interior, and increases privacy. Additionally, it can make your vehicle more comfortable by reducing heat, enhance aesthetics, and even improve gas mileage. Another advantage is the added safety; in the event of an accident, tinted windows can prevent glass from shattering into the cabin.

Before proceeding with window tinting, it is crucial to check your state’s legal requirements. Some states mandate a minimum light transmittance of 50 percent, while others have specific darkness limits. Once you know the legal limits, find a professional automotive shop to install the tints. The cost generally ranges between $100 to $400 for an entire vehicle.

2. Badge Overlays

Badge Overlays on Toyota RAV4

Installing badge overlays is an easy and cost-effective way to add a personal touch to your RAV4. These overlays come in various designs, allowing for creativity and customization. Many individuals prefer black overlays for a sleek, modern look.

For RAV4 models from 2019 onwards, Toyota offers OEM overlays that can be purchased on platforms like Amazon. This modification not only enhances the visual appeal of your vehicle but is also straightforward to implement.

3. Non-Factory Wheels

Non-factory wheels, often referred to as aftermarket wheels, are not produced by Toyota but by third-party manufacturers. These wheels can significantly transform the appearance of your RAV4, providing a unique and personalized look.

Popular options include Toyota’s TRD wheels, which are made from aluminum alloy. This material makes the wheels lighter, improves heat dissipation, and boosts overall performance and handling. Although these wheels come standard with the TRD Off-Road trim, they can be purchased separately for other RAV4 models.

Another affordable modification is adding wheel skin covers, which are easy to find on sites like eBay. Changing the color of your hubcaps, such as turning them black, can make a noticeable difference in your vehicle’s appearance. Some steel wheels also come with plastic covers; removing these can enhance the look of your RAV4 without any cost.

4. Custom Grille

Custom Grille on Toyota RAV4

The front grille of a vehicle serves to protect the radiator and engine while allowing air to flow through. Replacing the stock grille on your RAV4 is purely an aesthetic choice, aimed at giving your vehicle a fresh and distinctive front-end look.

A new grille can entirely change the appearance of your RAV4, making it one of the most popular aftermarket modifications. Numerous styles and designs are available, giving owners the flexibility to match their tastes and preferences.

5. Chrome Trim Additions

Adding chrome trim to various parts of your RAV4 can give it a sleek and polished look. Consider chrome accents for door handles, mirror covers, and window trim. These small additions can make a significant impact on the overall appearance of your vehicle.

6. Custom Paint Job or Vinyl Wrap

If you want to make a bold statement, consider a custom paint job or vinyl wrap. This allows you to choose unique colors or designs that stand out from the standard factory finishes. Vinyl wraps are also removable, providing flexibility if you decide to change the look later on.

7. Body Kits

Toyota RAV4 Body Kits

Installing a body kit can dramatically change the look of your RAV4. Body kits typically include front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and sometimes a spoiler. These kits can give your SUV a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

8. Roof Spoiler

Adding a roof spoiler can enhance the aerodynamics of your RAV4 while also providing a sportier look. Roof spoilers are available in various styles and finishes to match your personal taste.

9. Custom License Plate Frames

Upgrade your license plate frames to something more stylish. Options range from sleek chrome to personalized designs that reflect your personality or interests. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add a touch of individuality to your vehicle.

10. Color-Matched Accessories

Consider color-matching various accessories, such as the roof rails, side mirrors, and door handles, to the body color of your RAV4. This creates a cohesive and refined look, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Better Storage & Organization

1. Custom-Fit Center Console Tray

Toyota RAV4's Center Console Tray

Turning the RAV4’s center console into a dual-layer storage system is a game-changer for organizing your items without any movement or noise. This custom solution fits perfectly in the RAV4, preserving additional space beneath the tray to store more items.

2. Center Console Storage Solution

Although the RAV4 includes built-in storage spaces, some may find extra storage for small items beneficial. This console storage tray is ideal for keeping pens, wallets, phones, and more neatly organized.

3. Custom-Fit Glove Box

Enhancing the functionality of the RAV4’s glove box, this organizer seamlessly integrates into the glove compartment, creating a handy space for various items. Its drop-in installation makes it both simple and effective.

4. Center Console Safe

For those who keep valuables in their vehicle, the center console vault offers a secure storage option. This safe locks your important items inside a robust box, providing an extra layer of security in case of a break-in.

5. Cross Bars for Roof Rack

Toyota RAV4's Cross Bars for Roof Rack

Roof rack cross bars are essential for carrying oversized items such as mattresses, kayaks, or skis. These bars attach to the RAV4’s side rails, facilitating easy transport of various items.

6. Folding Hitch Cargo Carrier

When embarking on a camping trip or long journey, additional storage becomes invaluable, especially for families. Attaching to the hitch, this cargo carrier offers a 16″ x 20″ x 6″ platform that can hold up to 500 pounds. The best part? It folds away when not in use.

7. Prinsu Roof Rack

Ideal for outdoor adventures, the Prinsu Roof Rack is a highly recommended modification for the RAV4. It’s lightweight, low-profile, and customizable. This versatile rack allows you to carry gear like camping equipment, kayaks, or luggage. However, it is important to note that it is not compatible with RAV4 models equipped with a panoramic sunroof.

Available Models:

  • 2019 to 2021 RAV4s
  • 2014 to 2018 RAV4s

8. Trunk Cargo Net

Trunk Cargo Net for Toyota RAV4

A trunk cargo net is perfect for keeping your trunk organized. This simple installation is highly beneficial if you frequently store items in your trunk, making it especially useful for groceries.

9. Storage Tray Behind Multimedia Screen

This clever storage solution attaches behind the multimedia screen, providing quick access to storage space on your dashboard. It’s a practical addition for organizing small items.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading a Toyota RAV4 can really boost its performance and overall appeal. Simple changes like getting better tires, upgrading the sound system, and improving the interior lighting can make a big difference in your driving experience. Many owners who’ve done these upgrades say they enjoy their RAV4 even more than when they first bought it.

Car enthusiasts often suggest looking into aftermarket accessories to customize your RAV4 to fit your style. Talking to others who’ve made similar modifications can give you some great ideas. These changes can make driving your RAV4 more enjoyable and tailored to your taste.

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