About Us

Welcome to Freedom For All Americans, a place where you will learn more about new policies, laws, and reforms. Also, you will learn more about the history of struggles that led to the human rights we enjoy today, along with new challenges we must deal with to bring those rights further in our favor – to a whole new level.

Our Goals

Our organization strives each day towards a society where all people can live according to their truth, free from bias and prejudice. Our primary goal is advocating for equal rights and protections under the law, no matter one’s characteristics.

Through policy work, community organizing, and outreach, we seek to effect positive change at both grassroots and governmental levels. By dismantling unjust systems and changing minds, we aim to ensure the basic human rights of security and dignity for people from all walks of life.

With compassion and determination, we will continue moving closer to the vision of true justice and inclusion for every individual in this nation.

Our Purpose

For so long, too many have suffered in silence without a voice to challenge the injustices they face. This is why we are determined to champion human rights by providing a strong, unified platform from which all can speak truth to power.

We are dedicated in heart and soul to pursuing a more inclusive legislative process and shifting societal mindsets to their highest forms. Only by uplifting one another through collaboration can we make progress toward a people where every life counts equally.

By facilitating respectful bridges between all seeking change, we aim to actualize a community where one’s spirit may thrive unrestrained by prejudice or oppression. It is through joined hands that the greatest triumphs rise.

We stand firmly in our belief that spreading understanding through shared stories and constructive dialogue acts as the wind beneath justice’s wings. As allies united, we will continue striving through civic participation and outreach to welcome each person’s whole, authentic self into the light.

Our mission moves ever on so that tomorrow celebrates our differences as what joins, not divides us.

About the Authors

Michael Lloyd

Michael Lloyd has dedicated his life’s work to the fight for human rights and social justice. Growing up in a mixed-status family in Southern California exposed him at an early age to the issues of inequality, discrimination, and unfair treatment that many face. After studying Political Science at UCLA, he found his calling in activism and policy change. For the past decade, Michael has advocated tirelessly on both the local and national levels to enact legislation protecting vulnerable communities.

Call to Action

Join us in our fight for equality and justice. Your support is crucial in making a difference. By standing with us, you are helping to build a society where every individual is valued and respected. Whether through advocacy, volunteering, or donating, your contribution makes a significant impact. Together, we can create a world where freedom and equality are a reality for all.