Why People of Faith Support Non-Discrimination Protections

Across the country, millions of Americans hold their faith and religion to be one of the primary lenses through which they understand and engage with the world. For many Americans, values like treating others fairly, equally and with respect are rooted in faith and religious teachings. Increasingly, people of faith are leading the conversation about why protecting gay and transgender people matters – and why they support comprehensive non-discrimination protections because of their faith, not in spite of it. (Click here to download a PDF version of this resource)

The Golden Rule

  • People of faith understand the importance of the Golden Rule – and how this key tenet of their personal ethics compels them to support protecting all Americans from discrimination. Treating others as we would want to be treated involves ensuring that all Americans are protected equally.
  • Supporting fundamental protections for all Americans is important to people of faith because gay and transgender Americans are our friends, our neighbors, our family members and our coworkers. When it comes to being able to earn a living, having a place to live, or being served by a business or government office, they should be treated like everyone else and not be discriminated against just because they are gay or transgender.

The Importance of Religious Freedom

  • We all agree that freedom of religion is one of our most cherished and fundamental rights as Americans. That’s why it is protected in the U.S. Constitution. However, that freedom does not give any of us the right to harm or discriminate against others, and people of faith understand that.
  • Increasingly, people of faith are speaking out against harmful so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” legislation that would allow individuals and businesses to discriminate against gay and transgender Americans under the guise of religious beliefs. Faith leaders of a wide array of traditions assert that their faith should not be used as a justification for hurting or discriminating against others.
  • People of faith understand that these laws not only harm gay and transgender Americans, but could also allow individuals and businesses to ignore laws protecting against child abuse, domestic violence and more.

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