WATCH: Transgender People Share Experiences Transitioning in the Workplace with Supportive Coworkers

By Adam Polaski • August 3, 2016 • 9:31 am

This week Logo released a new web video that helps showcase the stories of transgender Americans and underline the importance of coworkers, friends, and other allies accepting, understanding, and affirming their identities.

The video, the first in Mike Kelton’s “Fill in the Blank” series for Logo, features a series of humorous conversations between transgender people and their coworkers, with fun exchanges that also get at the heart of one of the most important, affirming elements of transitioning at work – having support from fellow workers and supervisors. Watch below:

In the video, Oliver says to Diana, “Now that I have transitioned, I feel confident and loved because you stuck by me. It can be so isolating coming out as trans without true allies who get it or understand what the experience is like. But the fact that everyone, especially you, took pride in the fact that I was becoming Oliver and that was my journey and that was who I was and that was not a question for you – that was just so true.”

Later, Tyler turns to Genesis and says, “While I was transitioning, one thing people did that really helped me was they affirmed my identity.”

Of course, in 31 states, transgender people do not have any sufficient state-level protections prohibiting employers from discriminating against them at work just because of who they are. Transgender people face a disproportionate amount of discrimination in the workplace – and without basic state-level non-discrimination protections, they often have no legal recourse to correct the injustice.

That’s why it’s so important that all states – and the United States of America – update our non-discrimination laws to ensure that Americans are protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, to ensure that no one faces discrimination for simply living their lives. You can take the pledge with Freedom for All Americans to support transgender workplace protections (and more) by just clicking here.


Cheers to Logo for producing this film – and to the many coworkers who support their transgender colleagues throughout their transitions.

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