VT’s Christine Hallquist Becomes First Openly Transgender Person to Win Major Party Gov. Nomination

By Shane Stahl • August 15, 2018 • 9:08 am

Christine Hallquist made history in her primary race on Tuesday night, and is now the first openly transgender person in the nation to win a major party gubernatorial nomination. Hallquist triumphed in a field of four candidates to win the Democratic nomination, and stands to make history again in November if she’s successful in her race against incumbent Gov. Phil Scott.

“Christine Hallquist’s victory is a hallmark moment for transgender visibility and serves as a reminder of the transformational impact we have when we come out, speak out, and share our stories,” said Masen Davis, CEO of Freedom for All Americans. “It is more important than ever that our elected officials truly represent the values of the American people, making it all the more exciting to watch LGBTQ candidates from across the nation take ballot boxes by storm.”

Hallquist transitioned on the job while serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Vermont Electrical Cooperative, a position she held for 12 years, before entering the political arena. While on the campaign trail, Hallquist cited her decades of experience in energy and technology, making improved energy infrastructure a key focus of her campaign, alongside working to combat climate change and addressing the state’s burgeoning opioid crisis.

Tuesday night’s victory is part of what The New York Times has called a “Rainbow Wave” of more than 400 openly LGBTQ candidates running for office this election cycle. While some have been primaried out, many others will appear on the ballot this year. Governor Kate Brown of Oregon, the only openly LGBTQ person to serve as a Governor, will be up for a full four-year term this November after winning a special election in 2016. Additionally, Jared Polis could become the first openly gay man to win a governor’s race in his state of Colorado, and Lupe Valdez could become not only the first openly lesbian governor of Texas, but also the first Latina.

Freedom for All Americans sends our congratulations to Christine on her history-making win, and we are heartened to see the continued success and representation of LGBTQ candidates across the country.

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