Volunteer and Take Action Against Anti-LGBT Supreme Court Nominee

By Adam Polaski • February 2, 2017 • 12:58 pm

President Trump’s nominee for the United States Supreme Court is Judge Neil Gorsuch, whose history of rulings prioritizing religion over all other civil rights raises significant doubts that he will fairly serve LGBT Americans on the nation’s highest court. Read all about Judge Gorsuch’s anti-LGBT resume here. 

To  mobilize national action against this nominee, Freedom for All Americans is partnering with the National Equality Action Team to drive thousands of calls into key Senators’ offices.

Here’s how it works: You make calls to constituents who support LGBT equality in several key states, explain to them the importance of ensuring Neil Gorsuch is denied confirmation to SCOTUS, and connect them directly with their Senators’ offices. The NEAT team is here to support you, answer any questions you have, and make sure you’re as successful as possible.

NEAT is currently recruiting for shifts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings – and you can make calls from the comfort of your own couch. Here are three ways you can volunteer with NEAT:

  1. Sign up for a remote phone banking shift on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in the next two weeks to make calls to supporters of LGBT equality and urge them to take action.
  2. New York City residents: Sign up to phone bank in person at our NYC location.
  3. Sign up for future NEAT actions: If you can’t make these shifts but still want to get involved with NEAT, tell us you’re interested in volunteering for a future action.

Neil Gorsuch is a man best known on the national stage for his commitment to prioritizing personal religious beliefs over all other freedoms, making him a top choice for anti-LGBT activists who want to be able to use religion as an excuse for anti-LGBT discrimination. He has said it is not the job of the courts to protect vulnerable communities – including the LGBT community. He has indicated that he believes the freedom to marry is part of a frivolous “liberal social agenda” rather than a vital protection for families. He has ruled that a transgender woman must remain in an all-male prison, despite recognizing her female gender identity.

This is not the resume of a person who should be confirmed for a lifetime position on the U.S. Supreme Court – we need to block this nomination. Please join the movement against Judge Gorsuch by signing up for a remote phone bank with NEAT and helping to direct action from constituents in key states.

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