Video Story of Transgender Man Impacted by HB2 Hits North Carolina TV Stations

By Adam Polaski • May 10, 2016 • 8:54 am
This week, amid Gov. Pat McCrory and other NCGA leadership suing the Department of Justice for the right to discriminate, and the Department of Justice suing North Carolina in a historic stand with transgender Americans, Freedom for All Americans, American Unity Fund, and Equality North Carolina extended an ad buy to television in North Carolina showcasing the harmful effects of House Bill 2, the anti-LGBT law that has plagued North Carolina for nearly two months.

The ad features a transgender man in Asheville, Zeke Christopoulos, and two of his business associates sharing their concerns about the discriminatory law. It will begin airing on television stations in Raleigh and Charlotte this week, following a successful online ad buy that generated nearly a third of a million views.

The ad is part of Freedom for All Americans’ recently launched Transgender Freedom Project, a multi-year initiative aimed at building public support for transgender people and transgender-inclusive nondiscrimination protections. One of the TFP’s main components is driving video messages and advertisements with personal stories that amplify knowledge about who transgender people are in the media and in statehouses around the country.

Watch here:

Freedom for All Americans Executive Director Matt McTighe said this week:

“When lawmakers come to understand transgender people and listen to their stories, they move to a place of support and fairness,” said Matt McTighe, executive director of Freedom for All Americans. “That became evident this session when Republican lawmakers in South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin rejected legislation that served no other purpose than to demean and discriminate against transgender people. Governor McCrory, in contrast, made haste in signing this bill into law in only nine hours and now suffers the repercussions. It’s time for North Carolina to do what’s best for its economy, its constituents, and its national reputation, and stop implementing HB 2 immediately.”

Freedom for All Americans partnered with American Unity Fund and Equality North Carolina in releasing the groundbreaking ad, which has received a third of a million views online over the past week.

The video has been celebrated as an evolution of resonant messaging surrounding transgender lives, and as one of the first video advertisements directly pushing back on attempts to restrict transgender people’s access to restrooms and other facilities. Kerry Eleveld wrote in Daily Kos, “This ad is a solid contribution to the push for advancing LGBTQ freedom and equality. It appears to be among the first national ad campaigns to address the bathroom issue in a very human way.” And Dominic Holden at BuzzFeed called the evolution in tactics “a big deal.”

Freedom for All Americans is proud to have partnered with Equality NC and American Unity Fund on this ad buy as the push for North Carolina to fully repeal the anti-LGBT HB2 swells to an increasingly unanimous crescendo.

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