VIDEO: Supporters of LGBTQ Protections Sound Off on What They’re #ProudToBe

By Adam Polaski • July 2, 2018 • 9:22 am

Throughout June 2018 Freedom for All Americans asked supporters of LGBTQ-inclusive nondiscrimination protections to sound off about what they were #ProudToBe – whether they’re proud of their LGBTQ identity, their family, their job, or their support for equality!

We collected a few of the responses that flooded our inbox in a new video for Freedom for All Americans. Take a look!

At the top of the month, Freedom for All Americans CEO Masen Davis explained the importance of LGBTQ Pride Month:

Even in the face of tremendous opposition from the Trump Administration, anti-LGBTQ extremists, and a barrage of discriminatory legislation working desperately to hold us down and roll back our progress, 2018 has so far been a year of moving forward. We upheld transgender protections at the ballot in Anchorage, Alaska. We forged a bipartisan path to victory in New Hampshire. And we secured a huge ruling from the 2nd Circuit on workplace protections.

Those are not small victories, and they should buoy us all with hope that even in the harshest political climate, we can unite, make the case for equal treatment, and change hearts and minds. That is something we can all be proud of.

The fact is there’s room for everyone – and a role for all to play – in our movement to end anti-LGBTQ discrimination. All LGBTQ people and their allies should celebrate our steps forward, commit to the work ahead, and take pride.

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