Two Years After Pulse Nightclub Shooting, We Stand with Our Partners to #HonorThemWithAction

By Adam Polaski • June 12, 2018 • 9:30 am

Today, June 12 marks two years since the horrifying shooting that left 49 people dead and dozens more injured during Latin Night at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

As we remember this attack that claimed the lives of so many LGBTQ people and allies, we stand with our partners at Equality Florida and other organizations to make this time one of strength and resilience. Equality Florida’s #HonorThemWithAction campaign seeks to honor the victims by encouraging everyone to take direct action against anti-LGBTQ violence in their communities.

In an email sent today, Equality Florida’s Nadine Smith wrote:

“Today, as we remember those taken from us, we also renew our calls to #HonorThemWithAction – and I challenge you to join us.  On this day of remembrance, use the hashtag #HonorThemWithAction to let us know how you are honoring the 49 lives taken. Share the actions you are taking each and every day to speak out against hatred of all kinds and make the world a safer, better place for ALL. We all have a story to tell about how we first learned of the attack at Pulse two-years ago today. We have the powerful stories of how we have grieved together, leaned on each other, and resolved to make real and lasting change.”

In the wake of this national tragedy in 2016, LGBTQ Americans and allies in communities across the country rallied together. The movement to protect LGBT people from discrimination and violence is one that resonates across national, racial and political lines, a fact demonstrated by the outpouring of solidarity we have seen in recent years. We are committed to showing that solidarity again this year, and encourage everyone to do the same.  

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