Republican and Former Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson Calls on Conservatives to Support LGBTQ Protections

Trey Grayson, the former Secretary of State for Kentucky and a proud Republican based in Northern Kentucky, is a strong supporter of LGBTQ-inclusive nondiscrimination protections. His support for LGBTQ protections draws on his faith, his commitment to family, and his belief in the core values of the Republican Party.

“Faith and religion are a very big part of my life and my family’s life,” Trey said in a new video, released in early 2019. “One of the core values of our church is treating people with dignity and respect. The LGBTQ community deserves as much respect as anyone else. They’re Americans, they’re people, after all, we want to love everybody. That’s what we’re taught in our churches, that’s what we’re taught by the founders of this country. So why would we treat anybody differently, just for that reason?”

Trey shared his story in the video as part of Conservatives Against Discrimination, a coalition of conservative Americans who believe that LGBTQ people should be free from discrimination. Conservatives Against Discrimination is a program of Freedom for All Americans. Watch the full video here:

“If we’re going to thrive in this economy, we want to make sure that we can have anybody working for our organizations, and that nobody has to worry about losing their job because of who they love or how they love,” Trey said. “It ought to be based upon – ‘Are you a good employee, or not? Are you a good member of the team at work or not?’ Those are the kinds of things that I think are important to Republicans, important to conservatives, and that’s why I believe in nondiscrimination.”

Trey is part of the growing majority of conservatives who support comprehensive nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people. He also understands that some conservatives are not yet there – but he encourages his fellow Republicans to open their hearts and minds and consider reconsidering the importance of protecting all Americans from discrimination.

It’s OK to change your mind on issues. I did. I’ve evolved. I think I’m in the right spot now. My guess is there’s a whole lot of other people who are struggling with these issues, just like I used to.” – Trey Grayson

“It’s OK to change your mind on issues,” he said. “I did. I’ve evolved. I think I’m in the right spot now. My guess is there’s a whole lot of other people who are struggling with these issues, just like I used to.”

“It’s clear from our country’s history that sometimes we need protections in the law to live up to these ideals,” he elaborated. “This is one area where unfortunately we do need laws to help make sure we provide the same opportunity and respect for the LGBTQ community.”

“I’d like to tell my fellow Republicans that my support for nondiscrimination laws, policies, guidelines is all rooted in the principles of the Republican Party: In Freedom, In Faith, In Family. My hope is that I can inspire a few people to say, ‘Oh yeah, I think you’re right, Trey.'”

Learn more about Conservatives Against Discrimination here.

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