Transgender Freedom Project Director Reflects on the Impact of the #EveryoneWelcome Project

By Adam Polaski • October 24, 2017 • 1:01 pm

“When we look past harmful comments about trans people and look through legislation targeting transgender people, we get down to the root of what this movement about: Dignity for all people, including transgender people,” Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, Director of Public Education at Freedom for All Americans, says in a new video.

The video is part of the #EveryoneWelcome campaign, focused on elevating the stories of transgender Americans and the voices of Americans who support comprehensive non-discrimination protections. Watch the video!

#EveryoneWelcome is a public education campaign dedicated to building support for transgender-inclusive non-discrimination protections by sharing the stories of transgender Americans and the people who care about them.

In 2017 more than 100 people across the country have filmed videos as part of the campaign, including members of Congress, LGBT advocates, celebrities, and athletes. The campaign is a partnership between several organizations, including the Ally Coalition, Athlete Ally, Freedom for All Americans, GLAAD, the Transgender People of Color Coalition, the Trans [email protected] Coalition, and Trans United Fund.

Raising awareness about who transgender people are and the challenges they face through personal storytelling is an important tool in the fight against discrimination. We’re thrilled to have made our impact on this vital conversation through the #EveryoneWelcome campaign!

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