The White House Endorses Federal Non-Discrimination Protections for LGBT Americans

By Adam Polaski • November 10, 2015 • 3:41 pm

Today, the Obama administration announced support for protecting LGBT Americans from discrimination at the federal level.


The Washington Post reports: “Speaking to reporters, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the administration ‘has been reviewing for several weeks’ the [Equality Act, introduced July 2015]. ‘It is now clear that the administration strongly supports the Equality Act.’ Earnest added the White House would ‘work to ensure that the legislative process produces something that balances the bedrock principles of civil rights with the religious liberty that we hold dear in this country.'”

Freedom for All Americans applauds the White House’s strong stance in support of federal non-discrimination protections – and we look forward to continue working each day on building momentum toward ultimate passage of a federal bill to ensure that no LGBT American faces discrimination in employment, housing or public spaces based on who they are or who they love.

This summer when the Equality Act was introduced, Freedom for All Americans Executive Director Matt McTighe said:

“At the end of the day, we need bipartisan action in Congress to ensure LGBT Americans receive the most comprehensive protections possible under the law. The best way to achieve that consensus is through victories at the state and municipal levels. Freedom for All Americans is committed to beating back discriminatory, anti-gay bills wherever they arise, and advancing nondiscrimination protections at the state level. Ultimately, our victories in states across the country will pave the way for the bipartisan action we need in Congress.”

Learn more about Freedom for All Americans’ vision for victory here.

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