Texas Senate Engrosses Broad Anti-LGBT Bill SB6 on 21-10 Vote

By Adam Polaski • March 15, 2017 • 9:28 am

On Tuesday, March 14, the Texas Senate took one more step toward approving SB 6, voting to engross the bill 21-10. The Senate is likely to vote on final passage today, one week after a marathon committee hearing on the legislation that lasted for nearly 21 hours. That hearing featured more than 250 people offering public testimony against SB 6 – and just 29 supporting the bill. The discriminatory bill bans transgender people from using restrooms in government buildings, public schools and public universities.

Freedom for All Americans Executive Director Matt McTighe said yesterday:

“SB 6 will hurt transgender Texans and it will hurt Texas’ economy,” said Matt McTighe, executive director of Freedom for All Americans. “There is no purpose for this bill other than to encourage discrimination against transgender people. It’s reprehensible that some lawmakers are blatantly ignoring the overwhelming opposition from the business community, the law enforcement organizations who say this bill isn’t necessary, and the parents of transgender children who are understandably worried about what impact SB 6 will have on their kids.”

On Tuesday, Equality Texas released a video featuring the fathers of transgender children. Equality Texas has released a series of videos highlighting the stories of transgender youth and their families, and these stories offer a glimpse at the devastating impact SB 6 will have on transgender people – particularly transgender youth – all across Texas.

The Texas Association of Business (TAB), which is spearheading the Keep Texas Open for Business (KTOB) campaign, is continuing to sound the alarm about the impact SB 6 will have on the state’s economy. In a letter to senators released today, TAB warned that Texas stands to lose more than $400 million based on organizations and associations that have already threatened to pull their business or cancel events if SB 6 becomes law. And 70 businesses have signed a KTOB letter to Texas’ top elected officials, warning that SB 6 will imperil the state’s economy. Signers to that letter include Alamo Drafthouse, Amazon, American Airlines, Apple, Ben & Jerry’s, Capital One, Celanese, Dell, Dow Chemical, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, IBM, Microsoft, North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, PayPal, Plano Chamber of Commerce, Richardson Chamber of Commerce, Round Rock Chamber, Salesforce, San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce, TechNet, SXSW, United Airlines and VisitDallas.

The opposition to SB 6 is staggering. A complete list of those who are opposed to, or who have warned about the consequences of SB 6, is available here.

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