Sponsors of Anti-Transgender Locker Room Restrictions Bill Withdraws Legislation in South Dakota

By Adam Polaski • January 31, 2017 • 12:31 pm
This morning, before a scheduled committee hearing in the South Dakota Senate, the lead sponsor of SB 115, a dangerous piece of legislation targeting transgender students in South Dakota, announced that he has pulled his bill from consideration.
The bill, designed to target transgender public school students in South Dakota, would have restricted restroom, locker room, and shower access for transgender students.
In the lead-up to the decision, thousands of South Dakotans spoke out and sent messages to their representatives, and now, the heinous attack on transgender students will not be considered.
It’s important to note that anti-transgender forces are continuing to push their reckless agenda in South Dakota. And today’s announcement is by no means a reason to be less vigilant. There are still several weeks left in the legislative session—and meanwhile, opponents are considering gathering signatures for a harmful anti-transgender ballot initiative.

Congratulations to the ACLU of South Dakota and the many advocates on the ground who spoke out against the shameful bill and will continue pushing forward on LGBT non-discrimination.

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