Roy Cooper Leads Pat McCrory in North Carolina Gubernatorial Race by Nearly 10,000 Votes

By Adam Polaski • November 29, 2016 • 12:32 pm

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper’s lead over Governor Pat McCrory has grown to nearly 10,000 votes – almost double what it was on Election Day. Pat McCrory has vociferously challenged Cooper’s victory in the weeks since the election, but the attorney general’s decisive lead leaves few avenues for McCrory beyond concession. Under North Carolina law, recounts can be requested for vote margins under 10,000.


Freedom for All Americans Executive Director Matt McTighe said today:

“Pat McCrory lost this election on November 8, but we’re now nearing the point where the governor has no option but to finally concede this race and acknowledge the will of the voters. McCrory sealed his fate the moment he signed HB 2 into law. He ignored the economic warning signs in advance, he ignored the avalanche of opposition to the law that was unleashed over the last eight months, and he is trying to ignore a clear message from North Carolinians eager for a change in leadership. It’s time for Pat McCrory to do the responsible thing and concede this race to Roy Cooper.”

The governor’s challenges to the election’s outcome have failed to gain any traction over the last three weeks. Republican-controlled county election boards have denied the McCrory campaign’s complaints so far. The State Board of Elections also has denied McCrory’s request to centralize and rule on his campaign’s voter fraud complaints. With few exceptions, the governor’s campaign has not challenged the rulings from county election boards – an indicator that there is no firm ground left for McCrory’s charges.

McTighe continued: “President-elect Donald Trump carried North Carolina by almost four points, and GOP Sen.  Richard Burr won re-election by a healthy margin. It’s clear that voters broke across party lines because of dissatisfaction with Pat McCrory’s leadership. McCrory’s defeat – when taken with the nearly one-billion-dollar price tag of HB 2 – should send a clear signal to lawmakers in other states that there are severe consequences to advancing discriminatory proposals that target the LGBT community. We look forward to working with Roy Cooper to finally repeal HB 2.”

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