Republican Governor Chris Sununu Signs Transgender Protections into Law in New Hampshire

By Hannah Willard • December 17, 2018 • 12:37 pm

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed protections for transgender people into law this year, expressing strong support and speaking out in favor of transgender rights. In spring of 2018, Governor Sununu signed HB 1319 into law, providing protections for transgender Granite Staters in employment, housing, and public spaces.

Upon signing the bill, Sununu said, “Discrimination – in any form – is unacceptable and runs contrary to New Hampshire’s Live Free or Die Spirit. If we really want to be the ‘Live Free or Die’ state, we must ensure that New Hampshire is a place where every person, regardless of their background, has an equal and full opportunity to pursue their dreams and to make a better life for themselves and their families.”

“This bill will ensure equal rights, equal opportunity, and nondiscrimination protections in the areas of housing and employment,” Sununu said.

This is not the first time Governor Sununu has weighed in on the issue of transgender freedom. He came out in opposition to President Trump’s now infamous tweet banning transgender troops from serving in the military, saying, “I think that anyone who is willing to stand up and fight for this country should have the ability to do so.”

Governor Sununu also established a Civil Rights Unit at the New Hampshire Department of Justice in December 2017, specifically referencing the need to address discrimination against transgender people in New Hampshire.

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