Rather Than Simply Repeal HB2, North Carolina Lawmakers Double Down on Discrimination with New Proposal

By Adam Polaski • March 30, 2017 • 9:24 am

Today Lawmakers in North Carolina are set to vote on legislation they claim will address the backlash that HB 2 has generated over the last year – just hours before a deadline from the NCAA to repeal the law or risk losing all NCAA games through 2022.

The legislation lawmakers will vote on, however, leaves the most discriminatory components of HB 2 in place and puts nondiscrimination protections for LGBT North Carolinians out of reach for years to come.

Freedom for All Americans’ executive director Matt McTighe issued the following statement in advance of this morning’s planned vote:

“This legislation is unacceptable and does not represent a clean repeal of HB 2. That law singles out transgender people for discrimination, and this so-called compromise does nothing to allay the very real safety concerns that many transgender North Carolinians understandably have. And local municipalities must have the freedom to pass measures that strengthen their economy and protect LGBT people from discrimination.

It’s been months of scrambling on HB2, with several failed proposals discussed at the North Carolina General Assembly. Beginning to fix the damage HB2 caused is simple: Repeal HB2, fully, hard stop.

McTighe continued today: “Let’s not forget that voters overwhelmingly rejected HB 2 at the polls last year. They sent Pat McCrory packing because of his relentless commitment to discrimination, and because this law unleashed unprecedented harm upon the state’s economy. Lawmakers must stand strong and fully correct this problem. This current measure does not address any of the actual problems HB 2 caused, and is entirely unacceptable.” 

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