The Business Case for the Equality Act

By Communications Team • March 1, 2021 • 3:38 pm

Including LGBTQ people in America’s nondiscrimination protections would deliver real value to large and small businesses and to national, state, and local economies.

Businesses support adding LGBTQ people to our nondiscrimination laws, modernizing those laws for all Americans, harmonizing laws nationwide, and codifying Supreme Court decisions to ensure clarity for everyone.

76% of Americans support nondiscrimination policy. [source: PRRI, 2021]

Nondiscrimination is about respect for people of all backgrounds and faith traditions — that’s why 94% of America’s biggest companies have inclusion policies that include LGBTQ people as well as religion, race, and more. [source: 2021 CEI]

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  • Competitiveness for talent requires that the places where we operate are safe, welcoming, and free from discrimination for team members and their families.
  • Educated workers vote with their feet, and nondiscrimination laws influence decisions about where to put down roots.

Operational Harmony

  • Our current patchwork (21 states and hundreds of cities with nondiscrimination laws) creates uncertainty and unpredictability and demands a federal solution for businesses operating across multiple states.
  • A federal standard will give us clarity on our responsibilities to employees and customers.


  • Conventions, events, and leisure tourism are more competitive when it’s clear that everyone is welcome. Two-thirds of meeting planners have said they’ll avoid states with anti-LGBTQ laws. [source: Meetings & Conventions Magazine]
  • Tourism competitiveness is on an uneven playing field, with host cities facing costly cancellations due to lack of a national standard.

Inclusion Fosters Innovation

  • A peer-reviewed study found that nondiscrimination makes states more innovative, with 30% more patents filed and an influx of innovators. [source: Harvard Business Review]
  • Lack of a federal law keeps many LGBTQ people in the closet, with documented impacts on their mental health, wellness, productivity, and ability to innovate.

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