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New Hope Family Services v. Sheila J. Poole

Case Concerning Discrimination in Adoption and Foster Care

Key Date: February 19, 2019
Status: Hearing scheduled for February 19, 2019
Legal Team: Alliance Defending Freedom
Type: Other LGBT Litigation

New Hope Family Services Case Overview:

In December 2018 the anti-LGBTQ organization Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of New York on behalf of New Hope Family Ministries, a child welfare agency. The lawsuit centers on the state of New York’s position that adoption and foster care agencies licensed by the state may not discriminate against prospective parents – a position violated by New Hope Family Ministries, which refuses to allow same-sex couples to even interview to be prospective adoptive or foster parents.  The lawsuit argues that New York’s threat to cut funding for New Hope Family Ministries violates the agency’s rights of free exercise of religion, speech, association, and equal protection.

Latest in the Case:

A hearing on the state of New York’s Motion to Dismiss the case and the plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction is scheduled for February 19, 2019.

Case History:

  • December 8, 2018: The anti-LGBTQ organization Alliance Defending Freedom files suit against the state of New York, which has said it would cut ties with New Hope Family Services, a state-licensed child welfare agency that refuses to even interview same-sex couples as prospective foster and adoptive parents. ADF files a motion for preliminary injunction while New York files a motion to dismiss the case.
  • February 19, 2019: A hearing is scheduled on the motion for preliminary injunction and the motion to dismiss.

Last Updated February 12, 2019

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