New Campaign for Transgender Equality Launches in New Hampshire

By Megan Clayton • September 14, 2016 • 9:03 am

This week, Freedom for All Americans is celebrating the launch of Freedom New Hampshire, a new effort to grow support for transgender equality in the Granite State by raising awareness about who transgender people are and the challenges they face due to a lack of statewide nondiscrimination protections.

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Freedom for All Americans is proud to be a founding member of the Freedom New Hampshire coalition, which includes local businesses, community leaders, schools, people of faith and other grassroots supporters.

The campaign launched last week with a focus on highlighting the stories of transgender Granite Staters who are just trying to live their lives free from the threat of discrimination.

These stories include workers who were singled out, harassed and even fired from their jobs after choosing to come out—or being forcibly outed by other co-workers. There are stories from transgender children who, even when they encounter supportive local school environments, still have to fight for the ability to do something as basic as use the restroom. And there are are stories from transgender Granite Staters who have encountered nothing but compassion and support in their home state, though they still live with uncertainty.

That’s because right now, there are no explicit statewide laws in New Hampshire that ensure fair and equal treatment of transgender people. Eight local governments have these protections, but that still means that people who move between cities, commute to their jobs, or do any traveling in New Hampshire could face discrimination.

Freedom New Hampshire is bringing together a coalition of Granite Staters who believe this is unacceptable. The fact is, more and more people around the country are taking a stand on transgender equality, and the time is ripe to roll out a grassroots education effort in the Granite State.

Among the general population, 53 percent oppose legislating how transgender Americans use the restroom, a number that rises to nearly two-thirds among millennials. Personal connections are likely driving this shift in public perceptions: In the last year, the number of people who say they know someone who is transgender has more than doubled.

Freedom New Hampshire is hoping to capture this momentum. You can keep up with the campaign by “liking” Freedom New Hampshire on Facebook and following @FreedomNH_ on Twitter.

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