NC Bill SB279 Would Prevent Cities From Protecting LGBT People

By Adam Polaski • September 29, 2015 • 8:17 pm

Update: Early in the morning on September 30, the NC General Assembly passed the original version of S.B. 279, which does not include any language about limiting local governments from passing ordinances related to housing or employment. Equality NC’s Chris Sgro said, “Thanks to the messages from countless gay, transgender, and allied residents of the Tar Heel State, our cities and counties can continue to move forward with adding vital protections for LGBT citizens. “

Today, September 29, the North Carolina General Assembly has been discussing an amendment to S.B. 279, which would strip cities and counties of the freedom to protect their own citizens. One result of the amendment is that municipalities would no longer have the authority to pass non-discrimination protections at the local level, and existing ordinances throughout the state would be voided.


The amendment was quietly introduced last night at the very end of North Carolina’s legislative session. It has been referred to the House Rules Committee, where it could be advanced at any time this evening to the floor for a full vote.


Matt McTighe, CEO of Freedom for All Americans, commented today:

SB 279 is a thinly veiled attempt to harm gay and transgender North Carolinians by prohibiting any city from being able to fully protect them from discrimination. This bill would eliminate the ability of local leaders to do what’s best for their own citizens by passing ordinances that help their communities thrive, which include nondiscrimination protections that further fairness and equality. The bill goes even further by reversing progress we’ve already made through existing ordinances. Passing SB 279 would make North Carolina a less welcoming place to live and do business.

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