NCAA Acquiesces to New Anti-LGBT Law that Replaced North Carolina’s HB2

By Adam Polaski • April 4, 2017 • 10:30 am

The NCAA announced this morning that North Carolina’s hastily passed HB 142 law “minimally” met the league’s standards for consideration in awarding championship events. HB 142 reflects the most objectionable sentiments of HB 2, including anti-transgender discrimination and a ban on municipalities passing their own policies to protect LGBT people for the foreseeable future. A number of the nation’s leading LGBT and civil rights groups, as well as businesses, continue to oppose the new law because it allows discrimination to continue unchecked in North Carolina.

Freedom for All Americans’ executive director Matt McTighe issued the following statement regarding the NCAA’s reversal:

“It’s unfortunate that the NCAA views this new law in North Carolina as minimally acceptable – for the LGBT people, and particularly the transgender people, who will continue to be treated as second-class citizens under state law, there’s nothing minimally acceptable about this situation. We respect the lead role the NCAA has played in drawing attention to HB 2 over the last year, and the commitment to nondiscrimination they cite in their statement today. But unfortunately, the NCAA made the wrong call today.

McTighe continued: “HB 2 hurt a lot of people – it undercut the economic security of hardworking North Carolinians who just want to earn a decent living. It trampled on the dignity of transgender people, who already face heightened levels of discrimination. No one wins from this so-called compromise law – the state’s reputation has suffered unprecedented damage over the last year, and LGBT people are still are not treated fairly and equally. Freedom for All Americans is committed to this work for the long haul, so that one day LGBT people can go about their lives free from discrimination in North Carolina or whatever state they call home.”

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