NC General Assembly Passes So-Called HB 2 ‘Repeal’ That Is Anything But

By Megan Clayton • March 30, 2017 • 2:17 pm

The North Carolina General Assembly advanced a so-called HB 2 compromise bill today that unfortunately does nothing to address the underlying problems of the original law. Governor Roy Cooper signed the bill into law this afternoon.

Today’s vote is clearly a hasty move designed to mollify the NCAA, which has taken a hard line on the state in the wake of HB 2’s passage last year, famously pulling several championship games out of the state.

Today’s vote comes just hours before an NCAA deadline which could see the state lose out on hosting championship events through 2022 if the law is not repealed.

But the bill that passed today is a far cry from repeal. In fact, the revised measure embraces the most objectionable parts of HB 2, barring municipalities from protecting transgender people from discrimination in restrooms, and putting an unprecedented moratorium on municipalities advancing their own nondiscrimination protections through 2020.

Freedom for All Americans’ executive director Matt McTighe, called this attempted repeal bill “sloppy and desperate”—a clear attempt to get around NCAA rules designed to protect athletes and fans from discrimination.

“Yet again, lawmakers in North Carolina are disregarding the will of the people. An unprecedented coalition has come together over the last year to demonstrate the unyielding opposition to discrimination that’s enshrined in both HB 2 and this new legislation. Voters fired Pat McCrory over this discriminatory law. There’s a strong political desire to jettison HB 2 in its entirety, and yet lawmakers still can’t summon the courage to do the right thing.

The NCAA should hold steady to its commitment to inclusion and safe, welcoming environments for all. This attempt to hastily pass a bad bill hours before an NCAA deadline is insincere, and we urge league officials to reject this discriminatory measure.”

Freedom for all Americans urges the NC General Assembly and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper—who was elected to the office last year on a wave of discontent with the economic and political fallout from HB 2—to heed the will of the people, and repeal HB 2, full stop.

Half measures simply will not do, especially if they continue to single out transgender people for discrimination.

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