National Equality Action Team Will Expand to Broader LGBT Equality Efforts

By Adam Polaski • March 15, 2017 • 11:58 am
Today the National Equality Action Team (NEAT) announced an expansion to become its own individual entity and increase the scope of its mission to include progressive LGBT issues beyond nondiscrimination protections. While Freedom for All Americans will remain a committed member of the coalition, NEAT will now function under its own leadership.

NEAT is a grassroots field program that mobilizes supporters of equality and allows anyone, no matter where they live, to play a role in historic campaigns by providing opportunities to engage in direct action, including phone banks and knocking on doors.

Under Freedom for All Americans’ leadership this past year, the National Equality Action Team has:

  • Participated in seven high-profile legislative campaigns to advance LGBT nondiscrimination protections in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, and Arizona
  • Generated more than 3,000 phone conversations with lawmakers by 2,000 constituents
  • Recruited 25 national, regional, and local coalition members to engage thousands of their own members in NEAT’s work

NEAT was originally formed in 2012 to provide innovative support to ballot campaigns on marriage for same-sex couples. Its focus over the past year was on LGBT nondiscrimination campaigns and its future campaigns focus on progressive issues that affect the LGBT community. NEAT’s actions are done in coordination with the local campaigns and leadership.

Matt McTighe, executive director of Freedom for All Americans, said today:

“Because of the success of the NEAT up until this point, Freedom for All Americans is happily assisting in the transition to grow the program into its own entity. NEAT empowers local advocates to participate in actions that have a direct and immediate impact on campaigns from the comfort of their own home. The benefits that NEAT offers have an increasingly important role to play in progressive issues beyond LGBT nondiscrimination protections and we are thrilled to see it undergo this expansion.”

Brian Silva, founder and executive director of NEAT, added:

“NEAT’s mission and advocacy work prioritizes working closely with organizations and volunteers to ensure anyone can get involved and be a part of advancing equality in America. LGBT communities are diverse and multi-faceted and impacted by a number of important progressive issues. Through NEAT, volunteers will continue to be able to make phone calls to residents in states with pending legislation, knock on doors to urge residents to contact their lawmakers, and assist with a variety of other actions that places NEAT volunteers right in the middle of important historic campaigns.”

To visit NEAT’s updated website, go to

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