Montel Williams Narrates New Video About LGBTQ Supreme Court Case in #OpenToAll Campaign

By Adam Polaski • December 1, 2017 • 11:41 am

Today Freedom for All Americans released a new animated video as part of the #OpenToAll campaign around the Supreme Court case Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights CommissionThe video is narrated by Emmy Award-winning television personality and decorated naval officer Montel Williams, and animated by Paris London Glickman. Take a look:

Montel Williams said today:

“The fight for LGBTQ equality is a fight I’ve been proud to support for a long time, for reasons dear to me personally and for reasons that I believe bond all of us as human beings deserving of respect, dignity, and equal treatment. As a conservative, I believe in personal freedom and limited government. As a black American, I know how it feels to face discrimination because of who you are. I hope to use my platform as much as possible to reach new audiences and grow support for LGBT equality in order to ensure a victory in the critical Masterpiece case being heard by the Supreme Court.”

The video describes the tremendous harms of rolling back existing nondiscrimination laws and traces America’s history rejecting extraordinary exemptions for businesses that serve the public.

Masen Davis, Freedom for All Americans’ CEO, added:

“As our legal partners prepare to argue in front of the Supreme Court, it’s equally important for the rest of us who believe in fairness to lift up our voices of support in the court of public opinion – among our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. A loss in Masterpiece could have frightening implications for LGBTQ people as well as other groups of Americans by allowing business owners to pick and choose who they can serve. We hope the Supreme Court will affirm that businesses which serve the public must be open to all with no exception. “

The Masterpiece case involves a Colorado bakery that refused to sell a cake to a same-sex couple celebrating their civil marriage. This action was in direct violation of Colorado’s nondiscrimination law, and both the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and the state appellate court ruled in favor of the couple.

Freedom for All Americans is a proud partner of the #OpenToAll campaign, a coalition effort launched this week to highlight the broad support for nondiscrimination laws that ensure all Americans are treated equally without exception. The coalition is made up of more than 75 LGBTQ, civil rights, and allied organizations.  More information is available at

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