Missouri Legislators Introduce 4 Anti-LGBTQ BIlls for 2018 Session

By Shane Stahl • January 5, 2018 • 2:01 pm

The state of Missouri has begun its legislative session this week, and already, four blatantly anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced for consideration.

Last month, Missouri legislators pre-filed four bills specifically targeting the LGBTQ community, all identical to similar legislation introduced in 2017.

Two anti-transgender bills contain language aiming to restrict public and school restroom access for transgender people, Senate Bill 690 and House Bill 1755. HB 1763 seeks to allow religious officials the right to refuse services to LGBTQ people based on their personal religious beliefs. Another bill concerning marriage, HB 1434, seeks to completely change the laws of marriage, and replace marriage licenses with “contracts of domestic union.”

Last year, nine anti-LGBTQ bills were defeated in the legislature, thanks to strong leadership from PROMO, the statewide organization fighting for LGBTQ equality and non-discrimination in the Show Me State.  

On a brighter note, the Missouri Non-Discrimination Act, which would provide statewide comprehensive non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ Missourians, was pre-filed for the twentieth year in a row. The bill was heard on the floor of the House last year for the first time ever.

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