LGBT University Apprentices Commit to Making #EveryoneWelcome in Transgender Public Education Campaign

By Adam Polaski • April 21, 2017 • 2:03 pm

This month several members of the LGBT University Apprenticeship program filmed videos about their support for transgender equality as part of the #EveryoneWelcome campaign, a public education campaign that elevates the voices of transgender people and their allies with an eye toward supporting fully transgender-inclusive non-discrimination protections, including in all public spaces.

Jennie Reiken, Jenn Curtin, Michele Castro, and Jeanie Gossard filmed their video together, speaking broadly about the campaign:

Albert Eisenberg and Steven Morris shared why their conservative Republican ideology compels them to support transgender equality, discussing why we must build bridges across party lines to form a strong coalition:

And Matty Zaradich spoke about why all transgender people, like all people, must be treated with dignity and respect:

Earlier this month sixteen LGBT advocates and allies joined together in Boston, Massachusetts to celebrate a year of education and growth through the LGBT University Apprenticeship Program, Freedom for All Americans’ year-long apprenticeship program designed to build the next wave of leaders for campaigns to win LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination protections. The LGBT-U Apprenticeship graduation, the capstone of the innovative and intensive program, allowed the apprentices to reflect on what they’ve learned about the best strategies for advancing LGBT equality and building momentum toward national non discrimination protections.

Read a reflection from Carter Roberts, an LGBT University graduate, on the program.

And learn more about #EveryoneWelcome by clicking here.

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