Largest Business Association in Missouri Urges Lawmakers to Reject SJR-39

By Adam Polaski • March 18, 2016 • 10:19 am

This week, momentum continues building for lawmakers in the Missouri House of Representatives to reject SJR-39, legislation which would send a constitutional amendment to the ballot allowing individuals, businesses, and organizations to discriminate against LGBT people.


The Missouri Chamber of Commerce & Industry released a statement on Thursday, March 17 urging leaders to reject the anti-LGBT legislation, which would bring nothing but pain and discrimination to the state of Missouri, and would damage the state’s reputation as a welcoming, inclusive place.

The chamber, which is the largest business association in Missouri, said in a statement:

The Missouri Chamber opposes adding a constitutional protection for employees who refuse to do their jobs. … Despite the technical changes in the resolution, the Missouri Chamber cannot ignore the detrimental impact this would have on our state’s economy.

The Missouri Chamber is the latest group to speak out against the proposed constitutional amendment, which is now pending in the Missouri House. From large businesses like MasterCard and Dow Chemical to tourism organizations like Visit Kansas City to organizers of NCAA tournaments and other sporting events scheduled to be hosted in Missouri, there is almost universal outcry over this awful, mean-spirited religious exemption law.

No one should be able to discriminate against someone because of who they are or who they love – but that’s what SJR-39 would allow. It must be rejected.

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