Kansas GOP Passes Discriminatory Statement Opposing Transgender Identity

By Shane Stahl • February 21, 2018 • 9:18 am

On Saturday, February 17, the Kansas Republican Party approved a resolution on human sexuality that stated, in part, it would “oppose all efforts to validate transgender identity.”

Eric Teetsel, who proposed the resolution, said the party needs to be willing to tell people what is “true and good.”

“Ultimately, an ideology that says you can determine your own gender identity is broken and going to lead to a lot of pain,” Teetsel said in an interview. Teetsel is a member of the state party committee and is also president of the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas.

Equality Kansas director Tom Witt slammed the statement this week, saying it was “incredibly disappointed” that Kansas Republicans had promoted “such an undignified and crass assault.”

Witt said:

“This is a cheap election year attack by Sam Brownback’s son-in-law, and yet another attempt to dehumanize those who do not fit inside the narrow world view of Brownback, his family, and his wing of the Republican party.”

While the state’s Republican Party platform is silent on transgender issues, it does say that “our children’s future is best preserved within the traditional understanding of marriage,” and opposes same-sex marriage.

In the last few years, lawmakers in Kansas have taken actions that have alarmed LGBTQ people and advocates. Governor Sam Brownback repealed a previous executive order prohibiting discrimination against state employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity in 2015.  

The Kansas Senate in 2016 also approved a resolution “supporting student privacy and safety” after a federal directive said transgender students should be allowed to use the restrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

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