In Hearing, Dozens of Montanans Oppose Anti-Transgender Restroom Restrictions Bill

By Adam Polaski • March 23, 2017 • 3:43 pm

Today, March 23, the Montana House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on House Bill 609, a terrible anti-LGBT bill that would restrict restroom access for transgender people and prohibit and preempt all local LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination protections in Montana’s cities and towns. If approved, the measure will be put before the voters of Montana in November of 2018, a strategy opponents of LGBT equality have recently pushed hard, despite the widely understood truth that the rights of a small minority should never be subjected to a popular vote.

Dozens of Montanans attended the hearing to speak out against the discriminatory legislation. Stalwart advocates from organizations like the ACLU of Montana, the Montana Human Rights Network, and the Pride Foundation in Montana, coordinated these efforts. Check out some highlights from the hearing below:

Last year, the Montana Supreme Court upheld LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination protections in Bozeman, Montana, which were challenged by opponents of LGBT equality. And in 2016 Governor Steve Bullock, who was reelected in November, signed an executive order expanding employment non-discrimination protections to LGBT contractors and state employees.

Montana lawmakers should reject this horrendous legislation and respect the dignity and humanity of all transgender Montanans.

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