Freedom for All Americans Statement on Cuomo Resignation

August 18, 2021 • 2:49 pm

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In response to the recent resignation of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, Kasey Suffredini, CEO and national campaign director of Freedom for All Americans, released the following statement:

“Governor Cuomo’s conduct towards multiple female staffers and his attempts to discredit them in retaliation for coming forward, as outlined in the report by the NY attorney general’s office, is a shameful pattern of behavior exhibited by too many in positions of power  who are often men — who abuse their status to hurt others. So many LGBTQ people of all genders know this experience too well. Many are survivors of sexual assault and harassment both in and outside of the workplace, and these troubling findings in NY are particularly difficult for our community to witness. We are grateful for the bravery and courage of the survivors who shared their truth in pursuit of justice. These developments are a stark reminder of why the Equality Act, which would provide explicit nondiscrimination protections for the LGBTQ community and expand protections for women and people of color, is so urgently needed. We must do better to work towards a world in which no one fears being treated differently because of their gender, race, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Freedom for All Americans is the bipartisan campaign to secure full nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people nationwide. Our work brings together Republicans and Democrats, businesses large and small, people of faith, and allies from all walks of life to make the case for comprehensive nondiscrimination protections that ensure everyone is treated fairly and equally.


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