Freedom for All Americans Honors Transgender Day of Remembrance

By Adam Polaski • November 20, 2015 • 11:19 am

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance, an annual observance of the many lives lost to anti-transgender violence. Freedom for All Americans stands today with millions around the globe in remembering the lives that so many families and communities have lost.


Our Chief Program Officer Kasey Suffredini sent a message to Freedom for All Americans supporters today. Kasey said: “No one should live in fear for being who they are, Adam – but each and every day, transgender people experience hugely disproportionate levels of violence, harassment and discrimination. I know this personally because I am transgender.”

Kasey continued: “We’re also reiterating our commitment to increasing understanding of who transgender people are. Thank you for standing in solidarity with the transgender community and in refusing to accept anything less than equality and safety for all. In 33 states in our country, transgender Americans are not explicitly protected from discrimination – and at the federal level, no clear protections exist for LGBT people. Lawmakers in these states – and in the U.S. Congress – can help the country take a massive step toward protecting and celebrating the lives of transgender people.”

In reflection of Transgender Day of Remembrance today, November 20, Freedom for All Americans remembers those lost to anti-transgender violence, while committing to redouble our efforts to fight for the living. Together, we know we can create a world where no one needs to be afraid of simply being who they are.

Learn more about Transgender Day of Remembrance here.

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