Following New York Executive Action on Transgender Protections, Massachusetts Legislature Urged to Act

By Adam Polaski • October 23, 2015 • 4:43 pm

Yesterday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took executive action to extend non-discrimination protections to transgender people in New York, citing long-stalled efforts in the NY Legislature. Today, following the introduction of those regulations from Cuomo, advocates in Massachusetts are urging MA legislators more strongly than ever that it’s time to keep up with the country – where 18 other states, now including NY, have already extended full non-discrimination protections to transgender people.

The Legislature held a hearing in Boston this month on a bill to protect transgender people from discrimination in public accommodations. Currently, LGBT people are protected in the state from employment and housing discrimination – but MA’s public accommodations discrimination law only covers sexual orientation.

Kasey Suffredini, Chief Program Officer of Freedom for All Americans and Co-Chair of Freedom Massachusetts, said yesterday:

“Massachusetts must keep pace as the rest of the country moves forward on ensuring that our communities are free of discrimination. Our state has a strong history of advancing important civil rights issues in a bipartisan manner, including LGBT concerns, because fairness is a value that unites Bay Staters across age, geography, and ideology. We urge our legislature and Governor to work together swiftly and decisively this year to ensure a level playing field across our Commonwealth.”

Learn more by getting connected with Freedom Massachusetts. Freedom for All Americans is proud to serve  as part of the executive committee of the campaign, providing support through communications outreach, digital strategy, lobbying, and staffing campaign leadership roles.

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