During Back-to-School Season, Parents, Families and Individuals Send Support to Transgender Students

Across the country this week, young people are returning to school – and for many transgender young people, it’s a scary time.

The past year has been marked by an often contentious national conversation around the lives of transgender students, with legislation targeting transgender students filed in many states and basic questions of access to the restroom being litigated in courtrooms. Beyond that, students are returning to class without critical federal guidance from the White House underlining how public schools can best support and respect students’ gender identity.

We could be headed into another year of widespread discussion about transgender students: A school board in Wisconsin just filed a request for the U.S. Supreme Court to review a case involving transgender students’ access to the restroom. Just like Gavin Grimm in Virginia bravely shared his story and took a stand against anti-LGBTQ legislation all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court last year, Ash Whitaker in Wisconsin may soon be asked to do the same.

It’s hard enough to be a kid growing up these days – but transgender kids have shouldered the additional burden of discrimination. That’s why people across the country are coming together to share their stories and support transgender youth as they head back to school. Read several stories below of parents, children, professionals, and more providing insight into what it’s like to head back to school as a transgender student.

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