Commander-in-Chief Officially Turns His Back on Transgender Servicemembers with Signed Directive

By Freedom for All Americans • August 25, 2017 • 7:15 pm

Editors’ Note: This post was written by Kasey Suffredini, Acting CEO and President of Strategy for Freedom for All Americans.

Tonight, August 25, President Donald Trump signed a directive banning transgender Americans from enlisting in the United States military and leaving thousands of currently serving transgender servicemembers in limbo.

The official order comes almost exactly a month after Trump fired off three outrageous tweets about his proposed ban, seemingly without notifying anyone at the Department of Defense.

It will take all we have to fight against this obscene discrimination and grapple with a White House that is now the largest employer in the United States actively discriminating against Americans on the basis of gender identity or expression as a matter of policy.

Speaking out against this is not about politics. It’s about demanding basic respect and fundamental dignity for the courageous service members and their families who have put their country above all else. It’s about underlining the myriad ways that the President of the United States has failed to represent ALL Americans. It’s about declaring that enough is enough, and that discrimination against transgender people must end in all spheres of society.

I’m so sorry that brave transgender servicemembers tonight need to know that the Commander-in-Chief they serve doesn’t have their back. And I’m ready to do all I can to fight back.

We must all come together to fight back. If you want to help the fight against anti-LGBTQ discrimination like this, click here to give $15.00 or whatever you can to push back against this discriminatory policy, right now.

Thank you for everything – together, we’ll push forward.

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