Colorado Initiatives Would Allow Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples

By Megan Clayton • July 7, 2015 • 2:09 pm


This week, two harmful ballot initiatives were filed with the Colorado Secretary of State—and both would allow discrimination against same-sex couples and roll back existing protections for LGBT Coloradans.

The first proposal seeks to water down the Supreme Court’s recent pro-freedom to marry decision by redefining a marriage between a same-sex couple as a civil union, while the second proposal would allow wedding-related businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples and instead hire a contractor to serve the couple.

Colorado has long been at the forefront of securing equality for LGBT people—and these dangerous proposals are simply not in line with the values held by the majority of Coloradans. The Centennial State is currently one of only 17 states and the District of Columbia that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, a critical component when businesses are considering to move or grow their operations in a state.

Our campaign manager Matt McTighe issued the below statement, underscoring Freedom for All Americans firm opposition to these misguided proposals:

“Dangerous discriminatory measures like these have no place in any state’s constitution. We’ve seen in Indiana and other states how similar discriminatory measures will not only harm a state’s reputation, but can cost a state thousands of jobs and millions of dollars.

“The fact is that 66 percent of Westerners believe we need comprehensive non-discrimination reform, and Coloradans support same sex marriage by a near 2 – 1 majority. While I’m confident voters in the Centennial State will oppose these harmful initiatives, we’re not leaving anything to chance.   Freedom for All Americans is keeping a close eye on what is happening, and is working with our allies to ensure these dangerous initiatives are defeated.”

In order to qualify for the ballot, backers of both initiatives would have to meet with the state’s Legislative Council to review language and collect 98,000 signatures from registered voters across the state.

In the coming days and weeks, Freedom for All Americans is committed to supporting the work of our local coalition partners—including One Colorado—to defeat any attempt to allow for discrimination against the hardworking LGBT families who call Colorado home.


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