Transgender Voices for Freedom

In most parts of the country, Americans have yet to meet a transgender person. That means it can be hard to understand the challenges transgender Americans face every single day. We must change that in order to have an honest dialogue about the comprehensive protections transgender Americans desperately need. The Transgender Freedom Project works to amplify the stories of transgender people, their families, and their loved ones, in order to paint the complete picture of who transgender people are and the need for comprehensive, inclusive nondiscrimination protections. Share your story with us here.

As Transgender Americans Can Finally Enlist in Military, A Transgender Veteran Shares His Story of Service

Ashley N. Scott • Inver Grove Heights, MN

Transgender Mississippi Woman Advocates in the Face of Discrimination

Malaysia Walker • Jackson, MS

Transgender Woman Harassed at Local Grocery Store Thankful for Local Non-Discrimination Protections

Cassandra Hefton • Miami Beach, FL

One Year After Military Ban Announcement, Transgender Veterans Explain the Importance of Protecting All Americans from Discrimination

Transgender Veterans Share Their Stories

Recent Transgender Graduate and His Mom Speak Out on the Need to Make #EveryoneWelcome This Back-to-School Season

Aidan & Melissa DeStefano • Boyertown, PA

Transgender Conservative Woman Bridges the Gap Between Republican Party and LGBTQ Community

Jennifer Williams • Trenton, NJ

Massachusetts Elected Official: Being Transgender And Being Republican Are Compatible

Jordan Evans • Charlton, MA

Woman in New York Advocates for Increased Understanding of Transgender Americans

Pauline Park • New York, NY

Royal(T): One LGBT Texan’s Place on the Prom Court Gives Insight to Transgender People’s Place in America

Chey Follett • Seattle, WA

Transgender Granite Stater Gets Personal to Build Support for Comprehensive Non-Discrimination

Mitchel Pyles • Milford, NH

Transgender Man in Kentucky Stands Up Against Employment Discrimination for His Family

Mykel Mickens • Louisville, KY

Army National Guard Service Member Lobbies Against Anti-Transgender Discrimination in Texas

Natalie Rose • Austin, TX

Following Supreme Court Delay, Transgender Faith Leader in North Carolina Pushes Toward Continued Discussion

Rev. Mykal Slack • Durham, NC

Conservative Mom in Missouri Shares Her Hopes and Dreams for Her Transgender Daughter

Debi Jackson • Kansas City, MO

My Transgender Daughter is a Beloved Child of God

Jamie Bruesehoff • Vernon, NJ