Transgender Voices for Freedom

In most parts of the country, Americans have yet to meet a transgender person. That means it can be hard to understand the challenges transgender Americans face every single day. We must change that in order to have an honest dialogue about the comprehensive protections transgender Americans desperately need. The Transgender Freedom Project works to amplify the stories of transgender people, their families, and their loved ones, in order to paint the complete picture of who transgender people are and the need for comprehensive, inclusive nondiscrimination protections. Share your story with us here.

Conservative Woman in Florida Recounts Facing Employment Discrimination Just After Coming Out as Transgender

Erin Dotten • Broward County, FL

Coast Guard Veteran and Conservative Wants Americans to Unite Around Shared Goals

Zander Keig, LCSW • Jacksonville, FL

Mother of Transgender Soldier: “She Has a Voice That Can Build Bridges, Not Put Up Walls.”

Ronnie King • Little Compton, RI

Transgender Ohioan: “I Decided to Live My Truth. Because of That, I Lost My Job.”

Emerson Thoenen • Akron, OH

Transgender Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Reflects on Moving From Service to Activism

Taryn Wilson • Panama City, FL

Congressional Candidate Wendy May Makes History in North Carolina

Wendy May • Micro, NC

California Doctor Speaks Against Discrimination by Sharing Her Story as a Transgender Wife and Mother

Dana Pizzuti • Scotts Valley, CA

Ohio Writer and Activist Uses Discrimination Experience in Their Fight For Other LGBTQ People

Théodore Pavlich • Cleveland, OH

Minneapolis Councilmember Reflects on History-Making Election for Transgender People and the Work Ahead

Phillipe Cunningham • Minneapolis, MN

Transgender Activist in Michigan Works Toward Inclusion and Education For All

Brenden Watts • Flint, MI

Atlanta Area Transgender Advocate: “We All Have to Show Up”

Tracee McDaniel • Atlanta, GA

Austin’s First Transgender Police Officer Shares How His Wife’s Support During His Transition Was Invaluable

Greg & Joan Abbink • Austin, TX

Finding Strength in their Faith, a North Carolina Couple Navigates One Partner’s Transition

Sean & Sarah Caroll • Durham, NC

“We Still Get Butterflies,” Says Married Couple in Florida

SueZie & Cheryl Hawkes • Valrico, FL

Closer Than Ever to His Dream of Service: Transgender Recruit Takes Steps Toward Enlisting in U.S. Air Force

Logan Downs • Tualatin, Oregon

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