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Freedom for All Americans is proud to be working alongside our state and national partners in the fight for LGBTQ-inclusive non-discrimination. Here, check out recent news stories referencing our work – or our responses to non-discrimination campaigns and more expansive work to educate Americans about who LGBTQ people are. View Freedom for All Americans Press Releases – and get in touch – here.

Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission: What Was and Wasn’t Decided

American Constitution Society • February 14, 2019 Given the Court’s more recent resetting of the boundaries in cases in which freedom of religion or expression had been raised to challenge government action, however, would this case become a vehicle for curtailing nondiscrimination protections or minimizing marriages of same-sex couples?

AZ lawmakers: Non-discrimination laws should protect LGBTQ Arizonans, too

Tuscon.Com • February 14, 2019 Equality isn’t a red or a blue issue — it’s an American issue. That’s why, for the second year in a row, we are proud to introduce bipartisan legislation to update Arizona’s current non-discrimination law to include sexual orientation and gender identity with House Bill 2546 and Senate Bill 1249.

Utah Governor: People should be identified as they want to be identified

ABC 4 • February 9, 2019 The Governor of Utah weighed in on a bill that would ban transgender people from changing the gender on their birth certificates.

Republican and Co-chair of Virginia Beach for Fairness: A Chance to Stand for Equality

Pilot Online • January 31, 2019 I BELIEVE that every person in Virginia should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and be free from any form of discrimination.

Barr hints at continuing anti-LGBT policies at Trump Justice Department

Washington Blade • January 16, 2019 LGBT groups have raised concerns about Barr’s confirmation as attorney general, asserting he lacks a commitment to protecting civil rights. Jon Davidson, chief counsel of Freedom for All Americans, said Barr’s testimony “did little to assuage those concerns” of LGBT rights groups.

2019 Supreme Court Preview: Danger Ahead

The Advocate • December 31, 2018 The coming year could be a momentous one for LGBTQ rights at the Supreme Court, and possibly a dangerous one, given the court’s new conservative majority.

Orrin Hatch urges Republicans to protect LGBTQ rights

MetroWeekly • December 13, 2018 "Protecting religious liberty and preserving the rights of LGBTQ individuals are not mutually exclusive," said Hatch in a Senate speech.

Anti-LGBT Sessions out, but new anti-LGBT Trump pick leads DOJ

Watermark • November 10, 2018 The firing of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions — who used the Justice Department to undermine LGBT rights — has led to the interim appointment of another official with an anti-LGBT record that makes a change in direction for the department unlikely.

Adding insult to injury

Los Angeles Blade • October 31, 2018 One of several LGBTQ cases the Supreme Court may hear this term involves a woman named Aimee Stephens who was fired from her job as a funeral director after she told her boss she was transitioning and intended to start dressing in business attire traditionally worn by women.

HHS falsely blames Obama amid outrage over anti-trans memo

Los Angeles Blade • October 24, 2018 Under fire for a reported anti-trans plan that would eliminate federal protections for transgender people, the Trump administration is pushing back in defense of its enforcement of the law — but with a statement that is filled with errors and blames the Obama administration for undercutting transgender rights.

Anti-LGBT lawsuits already headed Justice Kavanaugh’s way

Washington Blade • October 17, 2018 LGBT legal experts were hesitant to ascribe the filing of the new litigation with the addition of the new conservative to the high court, but predicted they were the kind of lawsuits they would expect anti-LGBT groups to file in greater capacity in the aftermath of the confirmation.

The unclear future of LGBTQ rights at the Supreme Court

Washington Blade • October 14, 2018 As Brett Kavanaugh settles into his new position on the Court after a fractious confirmation process, many in the LGBTQ community are wondering which, if any, pending cases the Court will choose to hear and, if it does take on any such cases, how it will rule.

Stakes high as Mass. voters consider overturning trans law

Washington Blade • September 21, 2018 This is the first time a law prohibiting gender identity discrimination is being put to a statewide vote. It should be the last time as well. For that to happen, however, LGBTQ people need to do all we can to support the Yes on 3 campaign.

The Meaning of a Trans Rights Victory in a Republican State

The Advocate • July 30, 2018 The New Hampshire win offers lessons for coming legislative battles, writes Kasey Suffredini of Freedom for All Americans.

Transgender Rights Faces Its Biggest Test—In Massachusetts

The Daily Beast • July 30, 2018 Massachusetts may have a lauded history on gay rights, but polls show a tough campaign for trans equality activists as they fight to preserve anti-discrimination protections there.