Campaign-in-a-Box: The Complete Toolkit for LGBTQ Nondiscrimination

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Transgender Toolkit

Trans 101: Information for Trans Public Education Campaigns

The success of campaigns for nondiscrimination protections hinges on the effectiveness of efforts to build familiarity with, and understanding of, transgender people. Misrepresentations of transgender people have been used to stop nondiscrimination protections and even repeal existing laws that protect LGBT people.

Responding to “Reasonable Accommodations” Provisions in School Gender Inspection Bills

Using the restroom is a basic human need, regardless of whether you are transgender, and everyone should be able to use the restroom without fear or discrimination. But our opposition hopes to make these discriminatory restroom restrictions more amenable under the guise of “reasonable accommodations” language in school gender inspection bills.

School “Gender Inspection” Bill Talking Points

As we continue to defeat invasive gender inspection bills, our opposition is deploying new ways to limit transgender people’s access to restrooms. From limiting access based on birth certificates, chromosomes, or by limiting the definition of “sex,” your messaging will require individualized talking points based on the content of your bill(s).

School “Gender Inspection” Bills

Every student needs to use the restroom, and every student should expect safety and privacy when using them. However, state lawmakers are attempting to pass laws that would invade everyone’s personal and medical privacy by requiring all students to prove that their anatomy matches either the sex on their birth certificate or the sign at the door of a restroom.