Campaign-in-a-Box: The Complete Toolkit for LGBTQ Nondiscrimination

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Earned Media

Writing Letters to the Editor for Small Business Week

Writing a Letter to the Editor (LTE) is an important way to communicate your support for LGBTQ –inclusive nondiscrimination protections.

Public Education Messaging and Framing Considerations

LGBT public education campaigns help build awareness and support for nondiscrimination protections. Here are some tips and strategies from the Movement Advancement Project on positioning LGBT people but particularly transgender people in campaign materials and collateral.

Spokesperson Recruitment Guide

From publishing an op-ed to delivering testimony at a committee hearing, spokespeople can be powerful voices in building public support or winning over specific legislators. Spokespeople should be encouraged to use messages that suit their background or expertise.

Spokesperson Coaching and Media Interview Guide

Spokespeople help campaigns validate their support among community members, experts, and elected officials. When they are properly prepared, they can be some of the most effective people to reach new audiences and win public support.

Overview of Earned Media Tactics

Having a solid understanding of the kinds of earned media tactics that are available to your campaign is so important. Using earned media tactics appropriately could result in accurate and consistent coverage of your campaign, which can contribute to a legislative or ballot victory.

Developing an Earned Media Strategy in Legislative or Ballot Campaigns

Your communications plan should open with a short landscape analysis that highlights either the opportunity or the need for a particular campaign. It’s one to two paragraphs and tees up the need for the communications work of the campaign.

Opposition Research & Tracking

The more you know about your opposition, the more effective and efficient your campaign can be. In this post-Obergefell landscape, opponents of equality have become better at hiding the anti-LGBT motives behind their legal, legislative and political efforts.