Freedom for All Americans Celebrates Bisexual Awareness Week

By Angela Dallara • September 23, 2015 • 3:02 pm
Celebrate Bisexuality Day is observed annually on September 23 as part of Bisexual Awareness Week, in order to put faces to the community and open up discussion about bisexual-specific identities and issues.


Bisexuality is the ability to be romantically, emotionally, and/or physically attracted to people of both the same gender and different genders. Notable bisexual people include U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, actors Angelina Jolie and Alan Cumming, athlete Billie Joe Armstrong, and musician Lady Gaga. Even though bisexuals comprise more than half of the LGBT population in America, they are often forgotten or categorized as a subset of “gay.” And even within the gay community, stereotypes about bisexuals persist – bisexual women are often seen as promiscuous or attention-seeking, and bisexual men are seen as closeted gay men.

In 33 states, bisexual people can still be fired, evicted from their homes, or discriminated against in public places simply for being who they are. Passing non-discrimination laws that would make it illegal to discriminate against bisexual people would ensure a safer, more welcoming environment, and contribute to cultural change that would make it easier for bisexuals to be openly visible.

According to the Movement Advancement Project, nearly half of bisexual people are not out to any of their coworkers (49%), compared to just 24% of lesbian and gay people. Bisexual people are only about a third as likely to be out to close friends and family, and they are more likely to have health problems and feelings of depression or suicide.

Freedom for All Americans is moving forward with work across the country, including in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Texas, and leading the national conversation to pass comprehensive non-discrimination laws that would improve the lives of bisexual people and all Americans and contribute to a more bi-inclusive world

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