Anti-LGBT Opponents in Massachusetts Mount Effort to Repeal Critical Transgender Protections

By Adam Polaski • July 19, 2016 • 11:46 am

This week in Massachusetts, anti-LGBT forces from the Massachusetts Family Institute announced that they would seek a ballot referendum to repeal #TransBillMA, the law signed earlier this month by Republican Governor Charlie Baker after passing by a wide majority in both the Massachusetts House and Senate. If the opposition gathers several thousand signatures in the next 78 days, the motion to repeal #TransBillMA will go to a vote for the November 2018 ballot.


Freedom Massachusetts, the coalition that successfully led the passage of the transgender protections law here in Massachusetts, responded to this news. Kasey Suffredini, co-chair of Freedom Massachusetts and Chief Program Officer at Freedom for All Americans, released the following statement:

Let’s call this what it is: A last-ditch attempt by a radical right-wing fringe group to repeal a law supported by a majority of Bay Staters, passed by a bipartisan supermajority of lawmakers, and signed into law by our Republican Governor. This is the same organization that insisted same-sex marriage would harm children, which underscores their lack of credibility. Over the past year, thousands of Bay Staters and hundreds of businesses, clergy, anti-violence advocates, law enforcement members, labor unions, civic leaders and sports teams have already made it clear: discrimination has no place in Massachusetts.

Freedom for All Americans is a founding partner of Freedom Massachusetts and has dedicated Suffredini as a chair to the campaign for the past year. Under Suffredini’s strategy and leadership, Freedom Massachusetts recruited and secured endorsements from more than 250 businesses, 350 clergy and congregations, 11 labor unions representing more than 750,000 families, 16 statewide women’s and victim’s advocacy groups, every major professional sports team in New England, the state’s leading law enforcement associations, the entire MA congressional delegation, the state attorney general, bipartisan leadership in the House and Senate, public endorsements from both the Senate President and the House Speaker, and more.

In addition, Freedom for All Americans contributed to the Freedom Massachusetts coalition in the form of communications outreach, digital strategy, lobbying, field support, and staffing key campaign leadership roles. The bill passed the Senate and House overwhelmingly with supermajority bipartisan support.

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