FFAA Board Member Brad Clark Named New President & CEO of Gill Foundation

By Shane Stahl • December 5, 2017 • 5:08 pm

Early on Tuesday, December 5, the Gill Foundation named Brad Clark as its new President and CEO. Previously, Clark had served as the foundation’s Vice President of Partnerships, and will begin his position starting January 1, 2018.

In a statement, Tim Gill and Scott Miller said:

“We have known and worked closely with Brad for well over a decade. Brad’s bold leadership, stalwart determination, and innovative vision will build upon the remarkable work of the foundation’s brilliant team. We are certain under Brad’s intrepid leadership the foundation is ready to forge new opportunities and meet every challenge head on”

The Gill Foundation is one of the nation’s leading funders of LGBTQ causes through their grants to nonprofit groups and organizations.

We’re thrilled for the Gill Foundation and for Brad, who currently serves as a Board Member for Freedom For All Americans Education Fund. We’re excited to work together in 2018 and beyond to build momentum and secure equal treatment for LGBTQ Americans nationwide.

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