All Anti-LGBT Legislation in Oklahoma Has Been Defeated for 2016

By Adam Polaski • March 11, 2016 • 11:06 am

Yesterday, advocates in Oklahoma – led by the statewide LGBT group Freedom Oklahoma – celebrated the fact that all legislation targeting the LGBT community in the state has been defeated. In 2016, no anti-LGBT legislation will advance in the Sooner State, and that’s thanks to the strong work of activists and local leaders in Oklahoma – and the growing national momentum our movement is building against anti-LGBT legislation.


This year in Oklahoma, 27 anti-LGBT bills were introduced. The state had one of the most aggressive packages of anti-LGBT bills in the country, which saw nearly 200 bills introduced designed to roll back protections for the LGBT community or codify discrimination into state law. Many of these bills are still surging through state legislatures, although the movement has successfully defeated dozens.

Freedom Oklahoma said this week:

We have seen a truly unprecedented level of community advocacy this legislative session, and fair-minded legislators – both Republicans and Democrats – have listened. There will be no anti-LGBTQ laws passed in Oklahoma this year. It is our greatest hope that going forward we will be fighting for positive change, rather than fighting back against discrimination. But no matter what, we will keep fighting until every Oklahoman is equal under the law, and in every walk of life.

Learn more about the fight forward in Oklahoma with Freedom Oklahoma.

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