After Virginia, 1 thing you can do to help win LGBTQ protections nationwide

By Megan Clayton • April 11, 2020 • 1:56 pm

Moments ago, Governor Ralph Northam signed the Virginia Values Act, making Virginia the 21st state, and the first state in the South, to fully protect LGBTQ people from discrimination! But that victory wasn’t the end of our work.

There are still 29 states without full protections for LGBTQ people, meaning millions of Americans like me can be denied a job, a place to live, or service in places like restaurants and shops just because of where we live.

Freedom for All Americans was founded to fix this, by creating a nationwide campaign to protect LGBTQ people under state and federal nondiscrimination laws. But we can’t do this without you.

A federal law like the Equality Act is the most comprehensive way to keep LGBTQ Americans safe from discrimination no matter where we live—but until we achieve that, we’ll continue to work in states like Virginia that are taking action to protect LGBTQ people.

Will you be a part of this movement? Sign our pledge to win nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ Americans in all 50 states!

This legislative session, we saw exactly why we need nationwide nondiscrimination protections. In more than a dozen states, legislative attacks on LGBTQ people surged.

Idaho became the first state ever to pass a law banning transgender students from participating in sports. Tennessee considered more than 10 anti-LGBTQ bills. South Dakota defeated a bill that would have denied best-practice medical care to transgender youth. And even as we grapple with this pandemic, and many state legislatures are in a temporary recess, these bills are ready to be brought back up as soon as they’re back in session.

LGBTQ Americans confront these attacks on our dignity and freedom every day. But in states with nondiscrimination protections, we at least know the law is on our side.

We need to protect the freedom and dignity of all LGBTQ Americans—we need nationwide nondiscrimination protections.

Help us get there: Sign the pledge and join the movement.

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