Advocates Mark Transgender Day of Visibility with the #EveryoneWelcome Campaign

By Adam Polaski • March 31, 2017 • 1:17 pm

Today, March 31, is the international Transgender Day of Visibility, dedicated to celebrating transgender people and their important and wide-ranging contributions in society, as well as raising awareness of transgender issues worldwide.

Earlier this month, Freedom for All Americans partnered with six other organizations to launch the national #EveryoneWelcome social media and video campaign to build understanding about who transgender people are and the deep support for transgender equality.

Kasey Suffredini, chief program officer of Freedom for All Americans and director of the organization’s Transgender Freedom Project, released the following statement:

“As extreme lawmakers and opponents of basic fairness continue to spread lies attacking and undermining our basic humanity, the Transgender Day of Visibility remains a critical day of empowerment for our community. When I came out as a transgender man, I was grateful to have tremendous support from my friends and family. But like many others, I’ve faced discrimination for being transgender. We are a community with beautiful, diverse, and often difficult experiences to share with the world. We will continue to fight forward and do the ongoing work to change hearts and minds, until we can fully participate in society without fear of being our authentic selves in all parts of our lives each and every day.”

Since the launch of #EveryoneWelcome, dozens of elected officials, social service providers, LGBT movement operatives, transgender community members, and non-transgender supporters have filmed 30- to 60-second videos to send the message that all people, including transgender people, are welcome in all public places in America. Today especially, some great videos have been posted featuring people speaking up about their personal support for full transgender non-discrimination protections. Take a look:

This year’s Transgender Day of Visibility arrives in the midst of significant challenges for the transgender community in America.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court announced it would not hear a historic case on transgender equality, remanding it to a lower appellate court. Last week marked a year since North Carolina passed the most extreme anti-LGBT law in recent history, and this week, lawmakers advanced a so-called compromise bill that realistically does nothing to address the law’s fundamental problems. And in Texas, businesses, celebrities, and local communities are speaking out against SB 6, a similarly destructive bill that is pending in the state House of Representatives.

Learn more about the #EveryoneWelcome campaign here – and be sure to record your own video and add your voice to this campaign!

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