ACLU and Same-Sex Couple Files Lawsuit Against Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT HB1523

By Adam Polaski • May 9, 2016 • 1:18 pm

Today, May 9, the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Mississippi filed a legal challenge to HB1523, an anti-LGBT law that allows businesses and individuals to cite their religious beliefs as an excuse to discriminate against same-sex couples, transgender people, or unmarried people who have sex. The legal case seeks relief from the registrar of vital records and was filed on behalf of Nykolas Alford and Stephen Thomas, a same-sex couple who planned to marry but now face discrimination because of HB1523.


The couple said today:

“When HB 1523 passed, it was heartbreaking because it takes away our chance to finally be treated equally. At a time when we’re supposed to be excited as a couple engaged to be married, this law permits discrimination against us simply because of who we are. This is not the Mississippi we’re proud to call home. We’re hopeful others will come to realize this and not allow this harmful measure to become law.”

Josh Block, Staff Attorney at the ACLU, said today:

“We’re stepping up to fight this sweeping anti-LGBT and unconstitutional law that authorizes discrimination against gay and transgender people. HB 1523 has no rightful place in Mississippi or in our history books, and we’re hopeful this lawsuit can stop as much of it as possible before it goes into effect. We won’t rest until every last piece of this law is struck down and all LGBT people in Mississippi have equal justice under the law.”

Read more about HB1523.

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