States Action Team

Across the country, an unprecedented number of states are taking stances on discrimination against LGBTQ people – whether through legislation to update existing law and include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories, or legislation to roll back existing protections and codify anti-LGBTQ discrimination. Now, our movement is accelerating across the board to push the positive bills forward and block the negative bills – and momentum is on our side.

Freedom for All Americans is working shoulder to shoulder with state and national partners in many states through our States Action Team. Across the country, we collaborate with on-the-ground activists, convene local leaders, elevate and support the work of grassroots organizers, and push ahead as strong, broad, bipartisan coalitions with a united front. Our team of seasoned strategists contribute vital expertise to every element of each campaign, with the singular goal of securing the critical protections that LGBTQ people still lack in a majority of states.

What the States Action Team Provides

Strategy & Leadership

Freedom for All Americans is proud to be a founding partner alongside our state and national partners in the development of broad-based coalitions that bring together dozens of businesses, bipartisan voices, faith leaders, and a diverse and compelling cross-section of community members in support of LGBT non-discrimination. Working alongside local campaign leaders, we help formulate and execute winning campaign plans and legislative strategy from the ground up.

Communications Support

Crafting powerful messages – and developing smart strategies for ensuring those messages are heard across the state through as many mediums as possible to a variety of audiences – is one of the most important ways to educate the public about who LGBT Americans are and why non-discrimination protections are vital. Freedom for All Americans' seasoned communications team provides ongoing support in order to elevate a diverse array of voices from veterans, women, people of color, businesses, Republicans, and other communities to convey the urgent need for nondiscrimination protections. FFAA provides guidance in the form of earned media strategy; talking points and press materials; spokesperson training; and message development and dissemination.

Digital Action Center

Mobilizing online engagement is paramount to increasing visibility and support for LGBT non-discrimination. Freedom for All Americans is proud to provide to state campaigns our full-service digital shop that builds winning online properties from the ground up, including strategies for website design and branding, sample digital content and graphic design tactics that can be deployed day in and day out, and guidance for email strategy, all of which delivers concrete results that channel supporters' energy into action.

Field Guidance

Supporter mobilization and data-driven, strategic engagement with voters are at the core of any successful campaign. Freedom for All Americans' field team uses field tests, modeling, and other forms of research in states where nondiscrimination campaigns are ongoing or expected to begin in order to identify the amount of public support that exists, what messages influence and resonate with local residents, and what is needed to win. This guides our ability to determine how much investment is needed in a state and where resources should be allocated in order to have the biggest impact, allowing coalitions to reach key constituencies to build the grassroots support we need to win in state legislatures and at the ballot box.

Programmatic Innovation

In addition to assisting states in various elements of campaign work, Freedom for All Americans' national programs are designed to work in tandem with state campaigns. Through LGBT University, our dynamic and comprehensive apprenticeship program, we're training the next wave of leaders in the LGBT non-discrimination movement. With the National Equality Action Team, we're mobilizing our supporters to take part in unique volunteer opportunities that get the word out about critical non-discrimination fights. And our Transgender Freedom Project empowers transgender advocates to deepen Americans' understanding of transgender people and the challenges they face. Each of these programs ties directly into state campaigns to change the narrative and organizing power of these broad coalitions.

State Legislative Tracker

An unprecedented number of bills affecting the LGBT community were filed in states legislatures across the country this year. Freedom for All Americans is closely monitoring these bills – including proactive non-discrimination bills, anti-transgender "gender inspection" bills, religious exemption bills, and others. Here's a look at the legislative landscape: Visit the Legislative Tracker

Active Non-Discrimination Campaigns

Freedom for All Americans is proud to serve as a leading member of many statewide coalitions dedicated to advancing LGBT non-discrimination with a unified, collaborative voice, as well as by supporting the work of local and state-based business coalitions working to advance nondiscrimination. By bringing together local and national partners, we are able to ensure that each state campaign benefits from previous lessons learned – so we can get a head start in the political persuasion work required to secure critical non-discrimination protections.